The Bref
Based in China, First Leap reached out to us to assist them in filming an animation house that aided them with creating educational tools for their students in China. They provided us with a list of interview questions that they would love to hear from the animation team, and entrusted the rest of the production to us.
First Leap
First Leap
First Leap X One Animation
Scope Of Work
Art Direction
Motion Design
The Concept

Professionalism is an important factor that they would like to portray to the parents of the children that will be embarking on a journey with First Leap. They were keen to arrange all necessary means to ensure the quality of the final output, even to the extent of getting the voiceover artist on board for this production.

First Leap

Post - Project



Introduction of the whole team in a group shot.

The team will greet the children in a group shot and make quick introductions.


Interview of key personnel in a 2-person shot.

They will give a brief introduction on what their roles are in One Animation.


Interview of key personnel in a close-up.

Key personnel will bring us through the entire process of creating the animation.


Behind-the-scenes over-the-shoulder mid shot.

Key personnel will brief the team in a group shot where sketches and storyboards are featured.


Feature animators at work in a close-up.

Animator will work at their workstation, showing the actual production of the animation.

Final Outcome

Within a tight timeline of 30 days, we approached this assignment in a time-sensitive manner in order to organise the several different parties involved with the production; multiple arrangements had to be made with the animation house to work out spaces for lighting and onset design. With a strong storyboard worked on together by all parties, we managed to pull off a successful production.